Remember to always be yourself. Unless you can be batman. Then always be batman.

Comic books are a wealth of creative visual storytelling and amazing artwork. I regularly purchase comic books for the unique covers and to see what new kind of tricks the cover artist might do to catch my eye. I grew up in the 90’s and I love the shiny reflective comic book covers. 90’s era comic book covers had tons of holograms, foil and reflective elements. Even though most real comic book enthusiast feel that the 90’s era comics are a little cheezy, I always stick with what I like. Here at LIOE Design we have a wall dedicated to Comic books, I framed some of my favorite comic book covers and characters. Whenever I need a creative break I take some time and look at comics to help jump start some ideas.      

What I look forward to the most in comic books is the portrayal of the possible future technology. Characters like Ironman and Batman always gives us a glimpse of crazy gadgets that might not be possible now but maybe in the future. The most important message that comic books gives readers is that the possibilities of your imagination are endless.