Our Story


Products to Inspire Design

Every product has a story. A reason why a product looks the way it does from function and practicality to aesthetics. All our products are designed with the belief that everyday goods can be extraordinary. We strive to ensure the user is getting the most unique experience and to create a everyday item in a completely re-imagined way.

We design to spark imagination and creativity even in the most creative people. Creating products that inspire design.

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Meet the Designer

John Lioe is a industrial designer from Seattle, WA. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He grew up on Beacon Hill right by Boeing airfield. He found his passion for design and mechanics at an early age. He learned about engine mechanics from spending time with his father, Frank, a Toyota Master Technician. He became interested in aerodynamics and design of airplanes from watching the planes take flight at the airfield next to the Museum of Flight. From these experiences he built a strong understanding of how design and functionality can work together.

John attended University of Washington for his BA in Arts and Academy of Art University for his MFA in Industrial Design.

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Meet the P.I.C.

Jia Yu is the P.I.C. (Partner in Crime) at LIOE Design. She is an experienced project and account manager. She is the architect of LIOE Design's master plan to share our design vision with the world. In other words making sure all the designs have amazing photo shoots, great pictures, and stories. Planning shows and making sure customers enjoy their experience with LIOE Design. If you have a question she is the lady to contact (info@lioedesign.com).

Jia attended University of Washington for her BA in Business Administration.