TRON Legacy: Living On The GRID

Tron Legacy is not about the story but the visual effects, design, and music. There is an insane amount of details that went into the creation of this movie. The light suits each actor wore had LED’s in a geometric pattern outlining their bodies, which is complicated to create let alone pretty awesome visually. The suits than led us to the introduction of the light cycles designed by Daniel Simon. The light cycles integrated similar design elements that complimented the suits that the characters wore. The most impressive part was how each character got into the Light Cycles. The character begin at a running start than pull apart a baton like stick and jump into the air, than the light cycle assembles itself around the characters. The visual effects of getting into the light cycle sequence was beautiful and mind blowing at the same time. The imagination it took to create that interaction between the characters and light cycle was impressive. The same happened when the audience was introduced to the Light Jets, my jaw just dropped in how beautiful the visual effects were. Another stand out scene was Kevin Flynn’s Safehouse, it had a great combination of modern and classic furniture surrounded by minimalist floors and contrasted by rocky textured interior walls. These are a few of the highlights that I enjoyed in the movie, there are so much I probably forgot to mention. To add the icing on the cake, the music was created by Daft Punk, those guys look like they came straight from the Grid to our world. If you have not seen this movie yet, please do yourself a favor and watch it for all the visual effects, art direction, and design elements. It’s a great place to pull some unique design inspiration. I really hope Tron 3 will come out sooner rather than later, it was in the process of being made but in 2017 was halted.