Why is your company name LIOE Design?

- Our company name LIOE Design is name after our company founder and master industrial designer, John Lioe. As the brand's designer John's aesthetic operates as the cornerstone of our company. He designs with the users in mind, to make the experience of the product as friendly and efficient as possible. We hope the name LIOE connects our users to our brand and its founder.

How do you pronounce LIOE?

- The "E" is silent, so it should be pronounced "lee-oh".


Where do you ship to?

- We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. However if you are international and are interested in any of our products please email us at and we can provide you a quote with international shipping rates.

Can you ship next day?

- Yes, we can provide a quote with shipping rates for next day air service please email us at


Can we test out your products and return them if we don't like them?

- All sales are final, but if the product is defective in any way and we can provide an exchange. Please email us at to submit a request. Please note that LIOE Design is not responsible for any additional shipping costs for exchanges. We do not assume responsibility for any packages that are lost in transit.


Is there any warranties with the products? 

- We only warranty for defects. If you experience any issues with your product when it arrives please contact us at We do not warranty standard usage of any of the products.