Luxury Design For Living (Hardcover)

Luxury Design For Living (Hardcover)


Notes From our designer John Lioe:

This book contains a majority of my favorite things for inspiration: cars, boats, modern architecture, watches, motorcycles and high end products. Looking at a variety of products helps to jog the creative mind.

Luxury Design For Living by Steve Huyton

Luxury is defined in this stylish look at over 145 examples of ultra-high-end architecture, automobiles, timepieces, and lifestyle objects. Nearly 300 glossy images showcase the talents of some of the world's most creative designers―some instantly recognizable, others up and coming. Stunning photos of highly engineered houses, sleek furniture, bespoke timepieces, and the fastest, coolest cars are accompanied by a synopsis of the concept and brand. These pristine objects exist in a rarefied realm, offering their owners the ultimate in comfort, performance, and aesthetic pleasure.

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