Limited Edition Watches: 150 Exclusive Modern Designs (Hardcover)

Limited Edition Watches: 150 Exclusive Modern Designs (Hardcover)


Notes From our designer John Lioe:

Watches are one of the oldest tech gadgets, there is over 500 years of design evolution. This books showcases some of the rarest modern day watches ever seen. I love looking at intricate details in the watches everything from a unique bevel, letters, dials, faces and craftsmanship. I use lots of the details in watches as inspiration for details in our own products.

Limited Edition Watches: 150 Exclusive Modern Designs by Steven Huyton

Welcome to a celebration of alternatively designed wrist- and pocket watches, which honors innovative craftsmanship within the world of modern horology. The 150 different brands featured in this unique book each have a double-page spread dedicated to rare, specially selected timepieces. Featured manufacturers include Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Chopard, Tag Heuer, and Hublot. There is also a broad selection of avant-garde watchmakers like MB & F, Urwerk, and DeBethune. The design and technical information of each watch, ranging from simple to elaborate, is described in this lavish showcase of mostly high-end watch brands. A wristwatch made entirely of wooden parts, a timepiece designed after a Ferrari engine, and other one-of-a-kind movements, are just a few examples of the stunning variety of alternatively conceived men's and unisex watches. Many have not appeared in print before. This collection should appeal to both watch lovers and aficionados of good design.

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