Why did you change your company name to LIOE Design from Eighty Eight Industry?

- We updated our company name to LIOE Design to focus on our company founder and lead designer, John Lioe. As the brand's Lead Designer John's aesthetic operates as the cornerstone of our company. He designs with the users in mind, to make the experience of the product as friendly and efficient as possible without compromise. We hope the name change allows for our users to feel more connected to our brand, and its founder.

How do you pronounce LIOE?

- The "E" is silent, so it should be pronounced "lee-oh".


Where do you ship to?

- For now we ship through our website only to the USA and Canada. We have not yet found a cost effective and reliable solution for shipping internationally. However if you are international and are interested in any of our products please email us at and we can provide you a quote with shipping rates.

Can you ship next day?

- If you need your order even faster than our standard services please email us at and we can provide a quote with shipping rates for next day air service.


Can we test out your products and return them if we don't like them?

- All sales are final, but if the product is defective in any way and we can provide an exchange. Please email us at before sending the item in for an exchange once approved.


Why are the prices not the same as Kickstarter prices? 

- Our Kickstarter prices were a one time special.

Does the skeleton cuts go all the way through? 

- Yes they do. Just in case food or some kind of debris got stuck, we wanted to make sure that it can be easily pushed out, cleaned and rinsed out.

Are we buying just one chopstick? 

- All Aero Ti chopsticks come in a set, including a pair of chopsticks and a bridge.

Why aren't the bridge and chopsticks sold separate like on Kickstarter?

- Aero Ti was designed to be a set, so after Kickstarter we decided that is they way we will sell them on our website.  

Are the chopsticks machine washable? 

- We don't recommend putting the chopsticks or bridges in a dishwasher. Since the chopsticks have a fine points, there is a chance the chopsticks might slide through the utensil holder so we recommend hand washing them.

How comfortable are they?

We designed the chopsticks to be comfortably ergonomic. But please go to the Kickstarter comments section to see what others are saying!

Does Aero Ti come with a cool carrying case? 

- We designed the chopsticks to be used at home; as they measure a little over 9 inches we feel that may be difficult to carry around to restaurants. However the chopsticks will come in a elegant box of our own design.


Aero Ti chopsticks were designed to be used as eating utensils, similar to how you would use a metal fork or spoon, so please don't use these for cooking or other unintended uses. We are not responsible for accidents resulting from improper use. We recommend adult usage only.