phantom S420 scissors

phantom S420 scissors


Who needs scissors when you can have a stylish modern sculpture and yes it is functional as well. Named to sound like a vintage fighter jet, the Phantom S420 scissors are made from high-quality 420 stainless steel and come with a high-polished stainless steel stand to contrast the scissors' brushed metal finish. The Phantom S420 comes in two options: brushed metal stainless steel silver and brushed metal titanium coated black. The black scissors are limited edition with limited quantity available. Unrecognizable as scissors, this limited edition space-age marvel is a fun and updated take on one of the world's oldest gadgets.

The scissors are ambidextrous and for light duty office use so please cut paper or card stock only with these beauties. 

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We wanted to design a futuristic and modern style scissors that were functional yet beautiful enough to be placed on top of your desk. The unique shapes were influenced from stealth fighter jet, high performance cars and futuristic firearms. Details matter to us, every part of the scissors including the unique shape down to the anodized red washer and stainless steel screws were align with the designer’s vision.

Phantom S420 Scissor
LIOE Design

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