Limited Edition BLACK: aero sst type 2 chopsticks

Limited Edition BLACK: aero sst type 2 chopsticks


These Aero SST Type 2 Chopsticks are LIMITED EDITION Black - they are 1 of 1. The chopsticks are made from 304 stainless steel and PVD coated in a black finish. Inspired by airplane wings skeleton structure, angled cuts were added for weight reduction and enhanced grip. The 304 stainless steel adds a more significant feel to the chopsticks allowing the users the ability to slow down the movement. The Aero SST Type 2 comes in a set with a pair of chopsticks and bridge.

Weight (pair of chopsticks only): 2.8 oz

Length (chopsticks) : 24 cm

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Disclaimer: These chopsticks were designed to be used as eating utensils, similar to how you would use a metal fork or spoon, so please don't use these for cooking or other unintended uses. We are not responsible for accidents resulting from improper use. We recommend adult usage only.




Why triangular chopsticks? Well, first of all we wanted to rethink what chopsticks can be. Aero SST gives a different look and feel to the standard chopsticks that has been around for thousands of years. Normally in our households and at restaurants we use chopsticks that are round, square, or some octagon shape made usually from wood or plastic. We found that when we hold chopsticks our 3 fingers together creates a natural triangular gap. Then the triangular shape was combined with streamlined curvature inspired by airplanes. Long story short this is how the Aero SST chopsticks design came to be a sleek modern make over for a classic eating utensil.