stealth pen

stealth pen


Sleek and writes like a dream. This pen will become your “go to” office favorite.

All pens come with Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 refills. Stealth pen were designed around Schmidt parker style G2 refills, below is a list of refills that we have tested and are known to be compatible:

-          Schmidt EasyFlow 9000, 950, 900

-          Parker Gel

-          Parker Quinkflow

-          Penatia Parker



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The Stealth Pen has a unique, aluminum uni-body design and just four total components, making it lightweight, and easy to disassemble and reassemble. The slotted design offers a futuristic touch, and also cuts down on the weight of the pen, while allowing you to see at a glance what kind of ink cartridge is inside. Next to the click mechanism is the tail section of the pen body which helps prevent the refill from jamming into the pen opening if accidentally dropped. The wide aerodynamic shape gives the pen a larger surface area than a normal cylindrical writing utensils, the wider surface give your hands a variety of comfortable ways to hold and grip the pen. The exterior finish of the pens are bead blasted giving it a matte finish. Sleek, stylish, and easy to refill, it's the perfect desk upgrade.

Stealth Pen
LIOE Design

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