LIOE Design founders John Lioe and Jia Yu are natives of Seattle.The pair met in college at University of Washington where he majored in Art and she was a Business Administration Major. John was raised in a city filled with aviation inspiration as a child drawing was always a passion for him, which lead him to San Francisco for graduate school at Academy of Art University. He received his masters in Industrial Design in 2013.

Shortly after graduation Eighty Eight Industry was created. Our first product was the AERO Ti Chopsticks. The inspiration to re-design chopsticks was born from the idea of making a everyday utensil more elegant and less disposable since most chopsticks are made of inexpensive throw away materials like wood or plastic. We wanted to create a pair of chopsticks that are timeless. We choose Titanium for the lightweight property and it is rare usage in utensils. Taking inspiration from aviation the Aero Ti Chopsticks when placed on its stand looks like an airplane in the motion of taking flight.



From Eighty Eight Industry to LIOE Design


We have since changed our name to LIOE Design to feature John as our designer and innovator. Headquarters are in the Pacific Northwest, we’re located in Seattle, Washington. Designing and bringing a bit of elegance to everyday objects is an important to us like the AERO Ti Chopsticks every product design since then was created with a high quality materials and the belief well design quality products should last a lifetime.

Creating new unique products is our passion. Our mission is to design everything, which means everyday products should be well thought out. In all the products we create, we take into consideration the functionality, aesthetic, material, and the "cool factor". We never put out a product that we don’t love and isn’t high quality.

Our goal here at LIOE Design is to make everyday products extraordinary and bring to life designs that will push the idea of what ordinary products could be.